My Life's Journey

Hi, I am Shireen,

I am a happy wife and a new young mom for my son Adam. Adam is a very active kid and I am really enjoying my time as a wife and mom. While my child is sleeping or in my waiting time before my shooting, I like to use my time to write. I can write in any quiet place while I am not in a hurry.

I would like to use this website as a media to share my experiences as a wife and mom. I would like to share my experiences during breastfeeding, my panic moments while my child got sick and every precious and exciting moments of my child's developments. I also would like to share my first time travelling with my baby.

Beside sharing my experiences about parenting, I also would like to share about my favorite cooking recipes and my style of fashion, I like to mix and match the clothes in my wardrobe.

Last but not least, I hope the information and experiences that I share can be useful for all of my readers, a new wife or a new/to be mom. Stay happy and always carry on positive thinking.

Signature Shireen Sungkar